Welcome to Tucson Video Tours & Real Estate Photography!  We're looking forward to helping you to increase exposure for your home for sale or rental property!  Click on the video below.

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The Most Powerful & Affordable Marketing Tool

A Video Tour is the most powerful & affordable marketing tool available today to sell or rent your home and we can create one for you!  We Showcase your home on the internet using High Definition video!  Your home needs to stand out from the crowd and get noticed! 

Home buyers love Video Tours because it gives them the ability to tour your home from anywhere in the world from a computer or mobile device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It's an Open House around the clock!  A Video Tour offers 1000's of home buyers the opportunity to see your home as if they were there walking through it!

For tremendously increased exposure we will distribute your Video Tour to facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SmugMug, Twitter, our TucsonVideoTours.com website and YouTube. YouTube is the #2 search engine on the internet & the 3rd most visited website on the planet!

Your Video Tour Comes Complete With Professional Narration & Background Music


We will produce your Video Tour with professional narration and background music. The narrated key features match the rooms in your Video Tour.  For example, the narrator will describe the kitchen while the Video Tour is showing the kitchen! 

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We Offer Professional Photography Service

We will shoot photos of your home using our exposure blending process allowing you to see the furniture inside while seeing the blue sky and green trees outside.  We make sure that your photos have appealing angles and inviting composition   For tremendously increased exposure we will distribute your photos to facebook, Flickr, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, SmugMug, and our TucsonVideoTours.com website.  With so many homes on the internet you need to have high quality photos that will grab the attention of the buyers.

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